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Glass Tooling & Accessories


  • Diamut Tooling for Glass Production_thumb

    Diamut Tooling for Glass Production

    We are pleased to offer Diamut diamond tools for glass fabrication. Diamut, the technology leader for more than 20 years, provides standard and custom solutions for glass fabrication. Products range from Diamonds for in-line systems, including Bovone, Bottero and Busetti, to complete solutions for CNC fabrication.

  • Work Holding Solutions for INTERMAC_thumb

    Work Holding Solutions for INTERMAC

    The Tooling and Accessories Department provides BLICK Industries pods, the leader in work holding solutions for the industry work holding solutions, for stone and glass production.

  • Factory Accessory Machines_thumb

    Factory Accessory Machines

    Factory Accessory Machines: The Tooling and Accessories Department is available to complete your manufacturing facility’s needs with a compete assortment of accessory machines, including:

    • Jib Cranes and vacuum lifts systems for Stone and Wood
    • Air Compression systems
    • Dust Collection Systems
    • Digitizing and templating systems
  • Polishing Technology for Glass_thumb

    Polishing Technology for Glass

    As a complement to our Diamut Diamond tools, the Tooling and Accessories Department provides complete polishing solutions for glass fabrication, including polishing wheels for CNC systems, traditional and cerium impregnated wheels.

  • Tooling Packages for Glass_thumb

    Tooling Packages for Glass

    During startup and training, it is imperative to have high-quality tools on site to fully utilize your investment in technology. The Tooling & Accessories department offers turnkey packages to get you up and running on your CNC.