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Biesse offers a suite of online services designed to ensure that when there is a technical or parts issue, you have a quick, easy way of requesting the service you need. Our team works hard to make sure that all requests are fulfilled quickly, and downtime is kept to a minimum.

E-Technical Requests

If your machine is Internet-ready, there’s no need to leave your production area to request service – simply send us an email.

Your E-Technical Request will be handled with the same efficiency you expect from traditional phone support. Upon receipt, your request will be routed to our CRM and relayed to the appropriate technician.

E-Technical Requests received between 5:30pm EST and 8:00am EST will be handled the next business day. If you are experiencing a service emergency after 5:30pm EST, please call 877-5-BIESSE (877-524-3773).


E-WebEx brings customized WebEx demos to your desktop, putting the expertise of the most advanced manufacturer at your service, at your convenience. Simply log in to a personalized demo on your samples—using your drawings, materials and tools. Ask questions anytime. You can also access our online library of professional demos.


Go to E-WebEx


If you think preventive maintenance is expensive, try downtime! Our E-Maintenance preventive maintenance service offers a simple, organized way to monitor and maintain each machine within your production line.

Our certified technicians will inspect and complete a report on the machine’s condition at the time of the visit, and provide recommendations regarding parts replacement and labor to ensure that your machine stays in good working order.


Your machine operators no longer need to leave their workstations to communicate with Biesse and Intermac technicians. With E-Direct, all it takes is a single click of the Biesse Direct icon on your machine’s PC front end. PC-to-telephone technology provides a direct connection to our Service Department.

The user-friendly E-Direct package includes all of the necessary software and hardware, including a hands-free headset. All you need is a standard telephone line to the machine.


Online Parts Requests: Coming Soon!
Biesse and Intermac customers will soon have the ability to order replacement parts online. For Parts orders please send us an e-mail at parts@biesseamerica.com