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Biesse Systems and Intermac Engineering are devoted to providing engineering and consulting services to clients faced with complex production, technology and logistical issues. Through one-on-one consulting with expert engineers, we deliver integrated technological solutions, including analysis, design and installation of complete systems and plants.

Having worked with leading corporations the world over to optimize production, Biesse Systems ranks second in the world in the development of turnkey systems. (Based on in-house statistics.)

Biesse Systems and Intermac Engineering: Services and Process

Drawing on in-depth knowledge of the market and leading-edge technologies, Biesse Systems and Intermac Engineering bridge the gap between your product and the most efficient way to produce it. Our services include:

  • Design and implementation of turnkey plants
  • Design and implementation of integrated production lines
  • Modernization, renovation and integration of existing plants

The process, overseen by a dedicated project manager, typically involves the following steps:

Analysis: The Project Engineer conducts an in-depth analysis of the customer’s requirements, including:

  • Definition of all machines and equipment needed to achieve project objectives
  • Study of customized machines and components
  • Study of the plant’s software integration system
  • Plant productivity calculations
  • Definition of plant logistics
  • Calculation of material flow and warehouse space requirements
  • Identification of the staff required for optimum plant operation
  • Study of the production organization and manufacturing process

Proposal: The information gathered during the analysis phase is organized into technical specifications and presented to the client for review and approval.

Execution: Once the proposal is accepted, the new system can begin to take shape. A dedicated Project Manager manages the ordering, installation and testing of all machines, along with personnel training. This phase generally consists of the following:

  • Machine installation and pre-testing
  • Control and integration software installation
  • Personnel training

To enable total control of the production process, the client is supplied with Line Supervisor software, which makes it possible to easily import and manage the working load of the entire line. It also provides a communication interface with machine operators. Customized information is received in real time, creating databases to manage and perfect the production process.

Service and Support
After installation and testing is complete, Biesse Systems and Intermac Engineering provide ongoing support. Our Service Department makes professionalism and timeliness in telephone assistance and technical intervention its primary objectives. Further, a team of technical engineers in our main facility in Pesaro, Italy and branch offices worldwide are always ready to provide assistance, by phone and directly on the machines via modem.

Road Show

Every month, our Senior Team will bring their expert insight to specific regions throughout North America and will be available to meet with you at your shop for a one-on-one consultation.

For more information please contact our Marketing Department.