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Industry Partners

Biesse and Intermac maintain rich strategic partnerships with organizations across a spectrum of disciplines and specialties. These relationships enable us to enhance our product offerings and provide outstanding end-to-end service.

Handpicked Associates

Each of our Official Sponsors has been handpicked for its superior product quality and track record of excellent service. We are proud to be associated with the following organizations:

  • 2020Technologies

    20 20 Technologies:

    20 20 Technologies is a world leader in software solutions for the woodworking industry, with a product portfolio ranging from stand-alone CAD/CAM applications to industry-grade enterprise software.

  • CadCode Systems

    CAD Code:

    CADCode Systems develops software solutions for the integration and control of automated manufacturing processes, with a primary focus on the wood product manufacturing industry.

  • Eurosoft


    Eurosoft, Inc. specializes in optimization and automation software for industrial and small-scale cutting and fabrication operations, with a focus in the woodworking industry.

  • Fantacci

    Fantacci Industries:

    Fantacci specializes in customized insert tooling for door and window production, such as the innovative insert locking systems Fantalock for profiling tooling and Split Cut for tenoning tooling.

  • Jowat Adhesives


    Jowat has been a trusted name in adhesives for nearly 90 years, producing superior products for manufacturers in the woodworking, furniture, flooring and other industries worldwide.

  • Mozaik Software:

    Mozaik Software, Inc. has over 30 years experience developing and servicing software for the woodworking industry and produces PC based software which runs in the Windows™ Operating System for cabinets and casework targeting toward the small to mid-size custom shop

  • Microvellum


    Specializing in AutoCAD-based software, Microvellum develops creative solutions to the challenges that face manufacturers, offering a single-source system for production reporting, labeling, job release management, nested optimization and more.

  • Nap Gladu

    Nap Gladu:

    Comprised of North American Products and Gladu Tools, Inc., Nap Gladu is one of the largest tooling manufacturers in the U.S. and a driving force behind nearly every significant advancement in cutting tool technology for enhanced woodworking productivity.

  • Nordson


    With direct operations in 30 countries, Nordson Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of systems for applying adhesives, sealants and coatings during manufacturing operations.

  • Planit:

    Planit is a global supplier of design for manufacturing software for the woodworking, engineering and stone industries. The company provides products and services that improve productivity of machine tools, shorten design and manufacturing time, optimize material usage and deliver high quality goods and services to their customers.

  • Rehau:

    REHAU is the premium worldwide brand for polymer-based innovations and systems in construction, automotive and industry. More than 15,000 employees around the globe ensure our growth and success. With more than 170 locations, we are always close to the market and our customers.

  • Roger Shaw & Associates:

    Roger Shaw & Associates, Inc. is the largest independent software and technology sales and marketing company in North America exclusively serving the woodworking industry.

  • Salice


    A complete line of innovatively designed furniture hinges, connection fittings, opening systems and (through our partnership with Adar) metal runners and drawers has made Salice an industry leader.

  • SL Laser

    SL Laser:

    A world leader in laser projection and associated software, SL Laser offers the latest technology for a wide array of applications, including programs to enhance the performance of CNC machinery.

  • TopSolid

    Top Solid:

    Top Solid is a leader in design and manufacturing software for the wood industry, offering integrated solutions for increased productivity in manufacturing and design.

  • Vortex Tool


    One of the most diversified sources of quality cutting tools in the industry, Vortex manufactures and distributes a range of custom cutting tools, specializing in tools for the woodworking market.