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Skipper 130

The next generation of the award-winning Skipper 100, the Skipper 130 is a “real-time” machining center, designed to process panels of different formats in a sequence and deliver efficient “batch one” manufacturing.

Product Details

Like the Skipper 100, the Skipper 130 passes from the machining of one format to another of single panels, two identical panels or two mirrored panels with zero set-up time. Two mirrored operating units, top and bottom, allow for the machining of holes, grooves and milling of both sides of a single panel, or two panels of the same format simultaneously.

An electronic system reads panel thickness and automatically adjusts itself to the required depth. There is also a device for measuring panel length and width, allowing for automatic correction of variances. New features include dowel insertion on two edges, horizontal drilling on all four edges, and horizontal routing on the back edge. A late generation PC with a software interface integrated with a CAD/CAM system makes the Skipper 130 extremely easy to program and use.

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    “The Biesse technicians were very knowledgeable about our machine and very thoroughly explained its functions and operating capabilities. I am very pleased with the entire Biesse team.”

    Paul Bradeen, JSI Store Fixtures, Inc.

    “We found our technician to be very patient and willing to help. He always took the time to answer all of our questions and had a great attitude throughout his entire visit.”

    Randolph C. Zorn, President, Zorn Productions Unlimited, Inc.

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