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Rover C 6.40/9.40

Extremely fast, powerful and precise, the PC-driven Rover C CNC Machining Center represents the top of the line, consistently exceeding expectations in the furniture, plastics and non-ferrous materials industries. With 4,000-ipm axis speeds, it is the fastest machining center in its category, capable of high performance in even the most demanding environments. A wide range of configurations is available to meet any production requirement.

Product Details

The Rover C features an ATS (Advanced Table Setting), the most advanced table design in the industry, offering fast setup and a high degree of flexibility with features such as interchangeable and swiveling pods; pneumatic Uniclamps on the same pod base; no restrictions on pod placement; and the largest array of fixturing options, dramatically reducing the need for dedicated fixtures. The ATS table can also be equipped with EPS (Electronic Positioning System), the first and proven fully CNC table setup system, which takes table setup off the hands of the operator, increasing productivity and virtually eliminating the possibility of pod misplacement. A CFT (Conversion Flat Table) option can bring the machine’s flexibility to new level, making it possible for the machine to work as a nested-based manufacturing solution when needed.

As with all machines in the Rover line, the Rover C includes powerful BiesseWorks Advanced software. BiesseNest is standard on the FT versions. This allows fully parametric, piece-part programming on both, with the ability to choose the number of pieces to be nested on the FT.

Preventative Maintenance

Please click the following link to down load the Preventative Maintenance Checklist.
Preventative Maintenance Checklist

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  • 4699 mm / 185 inch

  • 6710 mm / 265 inch

  • 2000 mm / 79 inch

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“We found our technician to be very patient and willing to help. He always took the time to answer all of our questions and had a great attitude throughout his entire visit.”

Randolph C. Zorn, President, Zorn Productions Unlimited, Inc.

“The Biesse technicians were very knowledgeable about our machine and very thoroughly explained its functions and operating capabilities. I am very pleased with the entire Biesse team.”

Paul Bradeen, JSI Store Fixtures, Inc.

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