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Skipper V 31

 Skipper V31 is the new compact and versatile Biesse drilling machine, combining flexibility and performance in a small space.

Product Details

Skipper V31 is the ideal solution for "just in time"production: set-up time = zero thanks to the panel handling by a fully automatic gripper.
Compact and rigid, with the vertical panel structure, it ensures ergonomic and comfortable panel loading and unloading.

The operating unit configured with 10 vertical independent spindles + 6 horizontal spindles and 1 sawblade unit dia. 120 mm (optional electrospindle), complete all the machining on 5 sides of the panel. 

Air floatation tables and presser rollers ensure handling without scuffing and provide panel seal and support.

Laser photocell automatically reads the panel reference (origin) and the
real panel length: Skipper V31 automatically corrects the dimensions errors of the ‘X’ working positions.

The machine is controlled and managed by a a new generation
Control PC system: the modern software interface makes
particularly easy and direct the machine programming.

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  • Inch 94.48 x 72.83 x 102.36

  • I10 (5+5)

  • 2+2

  • 1+1

  • Inch X 7.87, Y 2.75, Z 0.39Min.

  • Inch X 98.42(125.98 opz), Y 35.43, Z 2.75

  • X25-Y50-Z25 (m/min)

  • 12.2 (kW)

  • ¾”

  • 1500 (m³ /h)

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“The Biesse technicians were very knowledgeable about our machine and very thoroughly explained its functions and operating capabilities. I am very pleased with the entire Biesse team.”

Paul Bradeen, JSI Store Fixtures, Inc.

“We found our technician to be very patient and willing to help. He always took the time to answer all of our questions and had a great attitude throughout his entire visit.”

Randolph C. Zorn, President, Zorn Productions Unlimited, Inc.

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