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Rover A Edge

 Biesse extends the range of edgebanding machining centers with
the new Rover A Edge. Shaping and application of banding material on panels with a single, compact and highperforming machine.

Product Details

  •  Double Y axis to perform tool change while the machine is working.
  • Maximum resistance
  • The glue is spread directly on the panel in the same way as a linear
  • machining, ensuring the same bonding quality.
  • Magazine for 2 coils, placed outside the mesh guards, for a quick change of banding material without any machine stops.
  • Double independent Z axis to be equipped with
  • different kinds of boring units for 9, 17 or 26 tools
  • or Multifunctional Units.
  • Tool changers with 14,16 or 21 positions.
  • Availability of EPS automatic working table, Multizone or panel
  • locking system with Uniclamp modules.


  • Tech Specs
  • Multi-Media
  • Testimonials
  • Quote Request
  • inch 0.01-0.11

  • 2

  • inch 129.1

  • inch 43.3

  • inch 90.5

  • inch 51.9

  • inch 19.9

  • inch 6.7

  • inch 12.8

  • 262.4/196.8/65.6 feet/min

  • 328 feet/min

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“The Biesse technicians were very knowledgeable about our machine and very thoroughly explained its functions and operating capabilities. I am very pleased with the entire Biesse team.”

Paul Bradeen, JSI Store Fixtures, Inc.

“We found our technician to be very patient and willing to help. He always took the time to answer all of our questions and had a great attitude throughout his entire visit.”

Randolph C. Zorn, President, Zorn Productions Unlimited, Inc.

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