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Skill G FT NBC

The Biesse Skill FT-G NBC Nested Base Cell, selected as a finalist of the 2012 IWF Challengers Award, is a completely automated production cell for nested based manufacturing, including automatic labeling or labeling on-demand. Designed for high output and reduced labor, the Biesse Skill is a flexible solution that increases efficiency and production.

The cell is composed of a loading table, Skill FT CNC Router and offloading conveyor. The 3 sections are automatically connected, synchronized and can work simultaneously, all from the same machine program.

Perfect for LEAN manufacturing, the Skill FT G nesting cell can run continuously and only requires one operator to load a unit of panels on the loading table and remove the nested parts from the offload table. With this set-up, the operator’s time is not completely absorbed with the working cell and allows him to operate a second machine like a drill and dowel machine or edgebander.

Rich in function and performance, the Skill FT G automated nesting cell provides high quality machining, efficiency and long lasting precision by means of proven construction solutions.

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    “The Biesse technicians were very knowledgeable about our machine and very thoroughly explained its functions and operating capabilities. I am very pleased with the entire Biesse team.”

    Paul Bradeen, JSI Store Fixtures, Inc.

    “We found our technician to be very patient and willing to help. He always took the time to answer all of our questions and had a great attitude throughout his entire visit.”

    Randolph C. Zorn, President, Zorn Productions Unlimited, Inc.

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