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Products / Brands

Biesse and Intermac offer a complete range of inventively engineered products, from tools and accessories to stand-alone machines, modular components and fully integrated systems for wood, glass, stone and plastics processing.

Craftsmen and large-scale manufacturers alike apply our innovative technological solutions to automate their production processes and achieve unprecedented levels of quality and efficiency – backed by world-class service and support.


  • Biesse CNC Routers and Machining Centers thumb

    Biesse CNC Routers and Machining Centers

    Biesse is the world leading manufacturer of CNC machining centers with a strong history in the woodworking industry. The machines are designed for a broad range of applications including engineered...

  • BiesseEdge thumb


    Biesse Edge Single & Double side machines aimed at businesses that require high flexibility and automation. They provide a full range of machining operations, with the ability to perform rapid ...

  • BiesseArtech thumb


    BiesseArtech is a line of compact, yet feature-packed, machines primarily designed for craftsmen, smaller shops, and mid-sized businesses.
    Consisting of a wide range of solutions, BiesseArt...

  • Comil thumb


    Equipment and systems for boring or boring and insertion of hardware. This line of machines is flexible and configurable to have zero set up time while have the luxury of a through feed machine de...

  • RBO thumb


    Customization and engineering are the main characteristics of the RBO product line.
    Its extensive experience in finding the most suitable solutions for the customer coupled with the reliabi...

  • Selco thumb


    Selco is a world leader in the engineering, design and construction of panel sizing machines and systems with a strong history of providing innovation and quality. As the proud recipient of numerou...

  • Bre.ma. Drilling Machines thumb

    Bre.ma. Drilling Machines

    Specialized machining centers for drilling, routing, and hardware insertion. All machines/systems are capable of high volume batch one production utilizing a through feed machine. The customizat...

  • Viet thumb


    Since 1953 Viet has been the global leader in widebelt and brush sanding solutions. Now a part of the worldwide Biesse Group, Viet continues its strong tradition of developing enhanced technology a...

  • Biesse Software thumb

    Biesse Software

  • Intermac thumb


    Stone, Natural and Synthetic: Single and TWIN spindle CNC work centers, cutting solutions, and fully automated production solutions for the fabrication of granite and marble countertops and archite...

  • Busetti thumb


    The Busetti line of drilling and edging machines are designed for high volume applications. Vertical and horizontal drilling machines plus double edger machines have modular designs for advanced s...

  • Bacci Distributed by Biesse thumb

    Bacci Distributed by Biesse

    Founded in 1918, Paolino Bacci is one of the oldest and most respected woodworking machinery manufacturers in the world. Originally a manufacturer of classical woodworking machines, Bacci began to ...

  • Friulmac Distributed by Biesse thumb

    Friulmac Distributed by Biesse

    The wood-working machinery manufacturing industry has been an Italian tradition for over 40 years.
    Friulmac with its thirty years is a perfect example of a growth that this sector has experi...